Government Affairs

Schlack Ito understands the important role government affairs may play in the success of our clients’ ventures. Years of experience serving as an advocate, monitor, and consultant with the intricacies of legislative and administrative processes at the state and local level allow our attorneys to assist clients before the legislative bodies of federal, state and county governments, government agencies, commissions and other regulatory authorities. Our attorneys practicing in this area include a former State Senator with a decade of legislative experience.

Our lobbying and representation services include the following:

  • Conceptualizing, drafting, presenting and advocating for legislation helpful to and opposing legislation harmful to our clients on a wide range of subjects, including timeshares, renewable energy, gift cards, financial institutions, regulatory exemptions, easements, priority permitting and special purpose revenue bonds, environmental, and charitable organizations issues.
  • Appearances before government agencies, departments, boards and commissions on various issues, including Public Utilities Commission dockets, Campaign Spending Commission investigations, Division of Financial Institutions matters, and Liquor Commission licensing matters.

Matt Matsunaga spearheaded our legislative lobbying team that has had tremendous success in authorizing $100 Million in Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for our downtown project, exempting our company from Public Utilities Commission regulation, facilitating the fast-tracking of governmental permits and allowing government to avoid time-consuming auctions for needed project easements.

Bill Mahlum, CEO of Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning, LLC

Matt Matsunaga guided and effected a strategy to pass legislation enabling our timeshare business to double its re-sale business and vastly increase its profitability.

Ben Bregman, President of Timeshare Investors LLC