Nonprofit Organizations

Given the increasing scrutiny of nonprofit organizations by regulatory authorities, the press and the public, sound legal advice is vital for Hawai’i’s nonprofit organizations. Schlack Ito is a Hawai’i leader in providing counsel to various types of nonprofit organizations.

We represent a broad range of nonprofit organizations, including public charities such as schools, museums, churches, social service organizations and grantmaking institutions, as well as private foundations, support organizations, professional associations and labor organizations.

Building on a strong foundation in the unique tax and governance issues facing nonprofit organizations, Schlack Ito provides advice to nonprofit organizations in various areas of law. We have assisted clients with formation and obtaining tax-exempt status; maintenance of tax-exempt status, including compliance with the private inurement and private benefit doctrines; executive compensation and compliance with the Intermediate Sanctions provisions; governance, best practices and ethics consulting; revenue generation, including unrelated business income tax issues; formation of taxable subsidiaries and structuring of relationships between nonprofits and taxable entities; navigation of the complex private foundation excise tax and support organization laws; mergers, dissolutions and fundamental changes; complex grantmaking, fundraising and charitable gift issues; unique issues applicable to religious organizations; tax treatment of lobbying and political activities; inquires from various regulatory authorities; Hawai’i state general excise tax issues; governmental relations; and real property issues.

We also obtain private rulings from the IRS and the State Department of Taxation on various matters, including private foundation excise tax and unrelated business income tax issues.